A collection of links to websites about Baring-Gould and to English folk song


Some Baring-Gould links


This small collection of links will take you to other sites of interest because of their connection to Sabine Baring-Gould or to folk song


The Sabine Baring-Gould Appreciation Society ( http://www.sbgas.org/ )

Members of SBGAS are interested in the broad range of subjects and activities that Baring-Gould involved himself in. The society has an annual meeting, usually at a location connected to Baring-Gould in some way. There is a monthly newsletter and an annual publication of the Transactions of the society. The website carries a growing collection of articles from the newsletter and other sources. It also has an extensive list of Baring-Gould links, which I won’t repeat here.


Wren Music ( http://www.wrenmusic.co.uk/ )

The community arts organisation based in west Devon that has played a major part in popularising Baring-Gould in recent years. Visit this site to find information on the Baring-Gould Song School and on the Baring-Gould Folk Festival.


The Traditional Song Forum ( http://www.tradsong.org/ )

An organisation for those interested in traditional song as researchers or as performers. The website contains useful reference information as well as news about events related to traditional song


The Vaughan Williams Memorial Library ( www.vwml.org)

The VWML is a uniquely useful reference source for folk song in England. The  'Full English' song database is a very valuable source of songs and other material from 14 Collectors of English song in Late Victorian and Edwardian times. Other resources, though, are of immense value and include:

  • Cecil Sharp's Diaries and photographs
  • The Roud Index of songs
  • Bibliographies
  • Dance indices
  • Street Literature index
  • etc.