A summary of recordings of songs from the Baring-Gould collection and of books in print by or about the collection

There are some recordings and books about Sabine Baring-Gould's song collection that are available at the present time. Some of them are listed below.




Martin and Shan's second CD, 'Dusty Diamonds' was released by Wildgoose in 2008. The CD includes songs from the Baring-Gould collection, together with a few collected by Cecil Sharp in the South-West of England. There are also two songs written by Martin. Accompaniments by Keith Kendrick on concertina and Nick Wyke and Becki Driscoll on fiddle. Further details can be found on:

www.martinandshan.net and on www.wildgoose.co.uk

We now have less than a handful of these CDs left. We are considering producing a compilation album of songs from Baring-Gould's collection using material from our two CDs. If you are interested in this please let me know and I will inform you when it is ready.


"A fresh and beautifully realised approach to English traditional song … Seriously satisfying.

Clive Pownceby, English Dance and Song


"This is, by far, the best CD I've heard from 'revival' singers this year" (2008)

Chris (Yorkie) Bartram, Shreds and Patches


"Martin and Shan are real tradition-bearers"

The Living Tradition (May/June 2009)





Martin and Shan Graebe's first CD, Parallel Strands, contains a number of tracks from the Baring-Gould collection, as well as some of Martin's own songs. Accompaniments are provided by a great team of musicians including Paul Burgess, Jeff Gillett, Keith Kendrick, Barry Lister, Paul Sartin, and Paul Wilson with additional vocals by Doug Bailey, Lynne Heraud, Barry Lister and Pat Turner. The CD has been produced by Doug Bailey of Wildgoose Records, WGS 323CD. See www.martinandshan.net for details. We have now sold all our copies of this CD, but there may be a few out in the trade. There are no plans to re-press it but check our website in case this changes.



Dead Maid's Land, another CD from Wildgoose Records, is a recording of songs from the Baring-Gould collection performed by a number of singers and musicians  led by Paul Wilson and Marilyn Tucker,and including Tim Laycock, Martin Graebe, Chris Foster, Phil Humphries, Ellen Thomson and Bob Tinker. Details can be found here.



Songs of the West is a live recording of the show put together by Martin Graebe, Marilyn Tucker and Paul Wilson to celebrate the centenary of the publication of Baring-Gould's song collection in 1989. This CD is currently sold out.




Iceland: its Scenes and sagas was written by Baring-Gould in 1863, following his journey to Iceland in the previous year. This new edition by Signal Books includes a new foreword by Martin Graebe. For details go to Signal Books


A Garland of Country Song, Baring-Gould and Fleetwood Sheppard's second published collection is available as a reprint from Llanerch Press with a new introduction by Martin Graebe. Details from Llanerch Press


Old English Songs from English Minstrelsie is a s selection of 49 old English Songs, taken from the 8 part work English Minstrelsie by Baring-Gould and Fleetwood Sheppard. It includes an illustrated historical essay on English National Song by Baring-Gould. It does not, unfortunately, include any of the folk songs from this collection - a future opportunity, perhaps. Details from Llanerch Press


The William Andrews Tune Book is a collection of tunes collected by Baring-Gould from the Old Dartmoor fiddler, William Andrew of Sheepstor edited by Paul Wilson and Chris Bartram. Available from Wren Music at http://www.wrenmusic.co.uk/.