MP3 Audio files of some of the songs in the Baring-Gould collection



Sung Examples is a collection of sound (mp3) files which will enable you to hear the song sung with a human voice rather than one of those very accurate but totally inflexible electronically generated tunes. The intention is not to provide a ‘performance’ of the song, but to enable you to get to know the tune as it is written in the manuscripts, and then make the song your own by adding variations. (This will hopefully get round the problem of copying some other singer’s performance, as can happen when we learn from CDs, since no one would ever want to sing the songs the way they are sung in these examples!) You will hear two verses sung slowly, clearly and rather deliberately, without the characteristic ornaments, pauses, dotted rhythms &c. that singers generally use. You will then hear a third verse in which we allow a little more licence to really ‘sing’ the song.

Each of the songs has been sung by Shan or Martin Graebe - we may invite a few guest singers to contribute in the future. The decisions about how the words are fitted to the tune are our own, and you may prefer to do it differently. Any misreadings of the music are also our own!

To listen to a song click on the MP3 Jukebox below and select the track you wish to listen to - the usual play, pause, stop, back and forward symbols do just what they do on your CD/MP3/Video player.