These documents examine the various versions of a song in SB-G's collection and in other places


In this section I will be publishing detailed studies of the different versions of a song that Sabine Baring-Gould collected and explain how he arrived at the published version that he used. In many cases I will explore the history of the song using Baring-Gould's notes and other resources to identify earlier sources. In some studies I have gone on to look at the way in which it has been treated by later writers and the versions that are being sung today.

It has taken some years to settle on a format for these studies, but I believe that I now have something that works (for me, at least). There are a number of these studies in the pipeline and I wilI, as time and inclination permits, revise and then add these to this page. I would welcome feedback on their usefulness.


Study 1 - The Undutiful Daughter (Roud 172) - June 2007

This song is a variant of 'The Banks of Green Willow'. At present this is in an earlier format, and I will, revise it to be more like my more recent studies.

The Undutiful Daughter


Study 2 -  I wish that the wars were all over (Roud 2036) - June 2014

This song study was compiled to assist the Editor of English  Dance and Song when he was compiling an article in the 'Singer, Song and Source' series for the Autumn 29014 issue.

I Wish That The Wars Were All Over 


Study 3 - The Drunken Maidens (Roud 252) - November 2014

I have updated this study of a song that was one of Sabine Baring-Gould's personal favourites in response to interest generated by a query on 'Tradsong' by Brian Peters.

The Drunken Maidens


 [Updated 22 Nov 2014]